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Services of First Cambodia

We do have specialist teams that work in certain market segments such as E-government, Financial Institutions, Hospitality and the Enterprise segment focusing on a well balanced set of technologies as outlined below:


Governments around the world are striving to engage with citizens through the means of information and communication Technology ICT. Cambodia and other AEC state government have also committed to drive social improvements through E-government initiatives and First Cambodia Co., Ltd has set up a dedicated business unit, consisting of specialist employees and partners to respond to these initiatives, allowing for local government to engage with local companies on the journey to improved citizen’s services.

Selected References & Partners

  • Solution Examples
  • National ICT Infrastructure
  • Civil Registry (AKA vital or citizens) Databases
  • Household Registrations
  • Birth Certificate Solutions
  • Alien Registration, ID Cards, Passports, Drivers Licenses
  • Land Title Deed and Property Tax Systems
  • Tax Management

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Banking Solutions

Banks and Micro Finances are a special customer group with highest requirements in terms of availability, performance and security. Here, literally time means money. Our expert team is qualified and certified by our specialist partners to work with you. We have gained vast experience over the past decade and continue to commit to this segment.

Selected References & Partners

  • Solution Examples
  • ATM Machines - Supply and Services
  • Core Banking Systems
  • Data Center and Recovery Sites
  • Multi Channel Solutions
  • Branch Networks
  • IT Security

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Hospitality IT services are all about accuracy, performance and convenience as every guest interaction contributes to the guest's experience which for most hotels and restaurants is what matters the most. First Cambodia has supplied hotel solutions to well over 200 hotels in Laos and Cambodia and we have gained a lot of experience, which makes us a great partner for you. Try us out...

Selected References & Partners

  • Solution Examples
  • Complete Hotel PMS systems
  • Back-Office ERP Solutions
  • Point-of-sales systems
  • Guest and Corporate WiFi network
  • Telephony Systems
  • ICT Monetizing strategies

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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions are circling basically around ICT infrastructure and ERP applications like our SAP practice complemented with services from our business intelligence unit, who are experts in finding and presenting the data you need to make informed business decisions.

Excerpt References & Partners

  • Solution Examples
  • ICT Infrastructure
  • ERP Systems
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • HR Systems
  • POS Solutions
  • Turn-Key Projects

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ICT Infrastructure

A properly planned and maintained ICT infrastructure is maybe one of the most contributing factors to the efficiency and agility of any business. All your Servers, Clients, Applications, Security and Network are all equally important components of the ICT infrastructure. At First Cambodia we emphasize on the importance of proper planning, execution and maintenance support as part of the whole solution. We offer free-of-cost ICT infrastructure health checks – why don’t you check us out?

Selected References & Partners

  • Solution Examples
  • Network Infrastructure
  • WAN connectivity
  • Wireless Networks
  • Servers &Data Centers
  • IP Telephony
  • Holistic IT Security

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Application Software

The Application Software unit covers it all. From Commercial of the shelve solutions, such as Email or Document Management all the way to customization heavy solutions, such as ERP or HR system and bespoke software using modern web technologies. We are trained to work with solutions like SAP, Microsoft and Cliqview and verse in ASP, JAVA and other web technologies. Our specialist Business Intelligence team rounds up the portfolio nicely.

Selected References & Partners

  • Solution Examples
  • Bespoke Applications and COTS Solutions
  • Portals
  • Business Intelligence
  • Tailored Integration with COTS Software Packages
  • Web Applications

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Managed Services

Why run non-core-business functions yourself? Why spend a lot of capital on the ICT infrastructrue? We offer whole ICT infrastructures as well as selected niche solutions and applications as a service. Under these schemes we do the upfront investment and you pay us back, similar like in a leasing scheme, only that we also offer to design and run the whole system for you. This way you minimize expenditures on non-scaleable resources as well as you limit your very dependency on non-productive / non revenue generating employees.

Selected References & Partners

  • Options New
  • Network as a service
  • ATM as a service
  • Data Center services
  • Hosted Security and IP Telephony
  • Complete Outsourcing Schemes
  • BO(O)T and PPP Schemes
  • Infrastructure as a service

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Now, more then ever, technology is changing the way we do business and work. Technology is overcoming national boundaries and companies need talented people with the skills and know-how to further drive their business forward into networked economies.

Take a look around—technology is everywhere—from government agencies, to education Institutions , from factories to hospitals, basically all businesses are harvesting the power of networks.

Well trained people are needed, not only to deliver the solutions, but also to maintain the underlying infrastructure once it is in place.

We offer technology training as well as business training.

Selected References & Partners

  • Training Offering New
  • Cisco Cenrtification Training
  • Comptia Certification Training
  • Project Management Training
  • Presentation Training
  • Business English

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At you service

When selecting the hardware and software that runs your business, it’s important to consider the ongoing support of that IT solution. We believe that complete support is an essential element of customer success and a critical enabler of operational efficiency of the overall business. Our approach promotes consistent, high-quality support across all hardware and software, so you maintain your business strength and competitiveness over time.

Serving world-class service to our customer is the service quality which we provide to all our customers. First Cambodia has invested a lot in staff training to be certified and equipped with the right tools and processes to ensure we deliver world-class service to our community.

You can chose from various standard service level agreements or work with us to define a service level that perfecly suits your requirements. Before you chose a service level agreement we offer to conduct a one day free-of-charge health check of your IT environment so we can be sure that we can fulfil whatever we promise and agree up-on.
Below are just the standard agreements we offer:

Gold Level SLA

Gold Level

Mission critical Support

  • Service eligibility 24x7, including regular holidays.
  • Unlimited case support
  • 4 Preventive Maintenance checks per year
Silver Level SLA


Important but not yet mission crotical

  • Service eligibility 8x7, including regular holidays.
  • Unlimited case support
  • 2 Preventive Maintenance checks per year
Bronze Level SLA


This is like the starter package

  • Service eligibility 8x5, during business hours.
  • Unlimited case support
  • 1 Yearly Preventive Maintenance check